2019 Cinematography Reel


Victor Tadashi Suarez


A documentary cinematographer pushing the envelope for cinematic verite

Victor Tadashi Suarez is a documentary DP best known for his distinctive verite cinematography. Working with a light footprint and minimalist setup, his images are as intimate as they are unique. 

He was the director of photography for “Harvest Season” (2018), an ITVS feature documentary that played at Full Frame and Big Sky. In addition to features, Tadashi has shot over fifty half-hour documentaries and has been nominated for eight News and Documentary Emmy Awards, winning one in 2018. 

He is currently DPing the new FX / Hulu documentary series “The Weekly” from The New York Times. His work can also be seen on Frontline, National Geographic, and Al Jazeera. He has a degree in Economics-Philosophy from Columbia University. And he flies his own drone, Carlos. .